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The task and process of carding machine

The task and process of carding machine

1) open loose cotton beam made of single fiber: the scutching machine can only open inspection of raw cotton cotton made beam, so carding machine must continue to cluster of cotton opening and scutching into a single fiber. This is to remove small impurities and are required under the drafting process. In fact, most of the cotton beam, even neps are in the carding machine thorn and district and cylinder cover by combing unlock, and only a small amount of access panel perianth removal.

(2) remove impurities and short fibre: remove impurities of main task by the taker in area bear, it can removal of feeding cotton layer containing 50% to 60% of the complex, while a small portion of the mixed with dust into flat and obtain the exclusion or in other parts of the fall out. Due to the modern carding machine of in addition to the cleaning efficiency is about 80% ~ 95%, so by opening and scutching and carding machine cleaning efficiency up to 95% ~ 99%. Finally, in card sliver in impurity only 0.05% ~ 0.3%. Carding machine can remove the dust on the agglutination in the fiber, the latter is cleared in the tip when combing. Carding machine can remove part of the short fiber and short fiber, in the tin forest cover area of carding process, fibre length and tin Lin pin gear contact area more and more prison guard was taken away by the tin Lin pin gear; and short fiber and short fiber often stay on the cover of pin gear and is pressed into the needle teeth, forming a cover plate of flowers and are removed. Half cover the flowers from these short and short fibers.

(3) fiber mixed: in Astoria agglutination fiber left at the cylinder surface of the fiber repeatedly returning to the tin a forest cover area underwent repeated needle toothed comb and completed the fiber along the cotton flow vertical mixing; then in the process also completed along the fiber cotton flow transverse mixing and.

(4) fiber longitudinal positioning: General carding action can produce effect of fiber parallel, but in Astoria agglutination fiber and output fiber is overlapping and interleaved (not exactly parallel), finally reached only along to the degree of alignment and positioning.

(5) a: the output of carding machine to rule on a sliver barrel, for the next step of processing.

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