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Introduction of the main development direction of flowering machine

Flowering machine in order to further improve the raw fibers loose quality and improve yarn quality, open pine process the main direction of development is: improved open loose parts of the form and structure, widely used in licker in carding beater or comb needle roller equal parts comb, blocks of increasing fiber carding degree, improve the structure of semi product and uniformity; strengthen fiber raw material pre open pine, in open pine process, use free combat, to minimize the use of gripping blow; by airflow and other open pine impurity removal method, to avoid damage to the fiber and impurity fragmentation, in order to reduce the resulting yarn defects.

Specifically reflected in the opening of the second half of the products (fiber volume or fiber layer) of the quality indicators and the circumstances of the fall. This includes:

Type and quantity of impurities and defects in the semi-finished products;

Structure and uniformity of semi products;

Content of short fiber in semi product;

4 fiber block carding degree, expressed in fiber block average weight (g / a), unit volume weight (kg / M 3) or fiber block in the air free settling terminal velocity etc.;

The number of falls containing textile fiber in.


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