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The quality of opening machine is mainly decided by the technology

Opening process and the quality of the opening of a great relationship, but in the end how the process can be a good way to release a good product,

Different fiber materials, the opening process of different, different raw materials should be used in different process principles. For example, in the processing of raw cotton cotton, loosen after beating, less recurrence, reasonable Duosong blow, caducous process principle less broken. Processing of chemical fiber or long fiber, due to the chemical fiber raw material is loose, does not contain impurities, containing only a small amount of fiber defects, so the Polycomb less beat and out recovery processing principle. According to the principle of combination of cotton cleaning machinery and configuration technology. The packing too tight, too much water or impurity of raw materials, the general should be preprocessed. Tight package raw material should be pre opening, or the first package to give sufficient time for natural pine solution; water too much of the raw materials, in front of the opening should be carried out to dry, in order to improve the opening effect of raw materials.

Want to want to want to want to send a good product should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the opening process, as a result of taking art!

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