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Rag opening machine, textile industry and new direction of environmental protection investment

With the new song, waste textiles recycling processing production line equipment of continuous market promotion, textile waste recycling reuse can not only save a lot of resources, but also can reduce the textile industry on the environment pollution. Textile raw materials appear in short supply, and the price is rising sharply. In order to reduce the cost of raw materials, to get more market share and profit. Business owners began to transform, to seek new direction. In foreign countries, waste textiles recycling utilization rate is very high, processing of waste textiles into recycled fiber, recycled fiber and other raw materials according to the requirements, are mixed according to a certain proportion, made of textile yarn. To solve the problem of shortage of raw materials.

Large open loose machine complete sets of equipment for closed design, material rely on wind and thorn roller transmission, dust dust collection, and the use of wind, through a dedicated pipeline transportation to the collection of dust box unified collection and processing. The product is currently in open pine machine industry used is the most advanced technology, steel material, handsome in appearance, we model song in the country are among the highest in the equipment.

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